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More than 50 heads of state and government participated in this high-level event entitled “Financing for Development in the Coronary Virus Epidemic Period 2019 and Later”. The high-level event focuses on six emergency action areas to mobilize the funds needed for response and recovery: expanding the global economy ’s liquidity; addressing debt vulnerabilities; preventing illegal financial flows; increasing external financing, promoting inclusive growth and job creation ; Strategies for countries to better recover, achieve sustainable development goals, respond to climate change, and restore economic and natural balance.
United Nations Secretary General Guterres said in a speech at the event that the 2019 coronavirus pandemic shows our vulnerability. Although technology has made tremendous progress in recent decades, a tiny virus has plunged humanity into an unprecedented crisis.

He welcomed the rapid action already taken by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank Group, regional development banks and other international financial institutions, and the Group of 20, but pointed out that many developing countries lacked the means to fight the epidemic and the recovery Means of investment.

Guterres said that this is an era full of challenges and dangers, and people must face these challenges seriously with a sense of urgency and responsibility.

He pointed out that it will cost money to get through the 2019 coronavirus disease and recover better, but the cost of alternatives is higher. He emphasized that this is a global crisis that requires all of us to work together to resolve it.
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