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X-ray machine mainly release X-ray, What can X-ray do for us

1 X-ray diagnosis

The main function of X-ray machine is to release X-rays, so what’s the use

The application of X-ray in medical diagnosis is mainly based on its penetration, differential absorption, photosensitivity and fluorescence. When X-ray passes through the human body, it will be absorbed in different degrees. For example, the amount of X-ray absorbed by bone is more than that absorbed by muscle, so the amount of X-ray after passing through the human body is different. In this way, the information of density distribution of each part of the human body is carried, and the intensity of fluorescence or photosensitivity caused on the fluorescent screen or photographic film is greatly different, so it is on the fluorescent screen or photographic film The film (developed and fixed) will show shadows of different densities. According to the contrast of shade intensity, combined with clinical manifestations, laboratory results and pathological diagnosis, we can judge whether a part of human body is normal.

2 X-ray therapy

When X-ray machine that release x ray is used in the treatment, it is mainly based on its biological effect. When X-ray with different energy is used to irradiate the cell tissue of the part of human body focus, the irradiated cell tissue can be destroyed or inhibited, so as to achieve the treatment purpose of some diseases, especially tumors.

3 X-ray protection

At the same time of using X-ray, people have found the problems that lead to hair loss, skin burn, visual impairment of staff, leukemia and other ray injuries. In order to prevent the injury of X-ray to human body, corresponding protective measures must be taken. The above constitutes the three links of X-ray application in medicine diagnosis.



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