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500mA Radiography X-Ray Machine

According to our previous introduction to the 500mA radiography x-ray machine, you should know a lot about the 500mA radiography x-ray machine,! Today, I will introduce the radiation dose of 500mA radiography x-ray machine,.

The 500mA radiography x-ray machine, X-ray security inspection machine has tested the radiation dose before it leaves the factory. Experts from the environmental protection department and a professional radiation inspection company have been invited to test each security inspection machine, which fully meets the relevant national standards. The radiation of X-ray security screening machines used in subway security inspections is very small. Some special people, such as pregnant women, can stand next to the machine or pass the security check. The radiation dose received is similar to that of mobile phones.
Moreover, the four sides of the baggage security inspection device are shielded with a certain thickness of lead plates, and the baggage security inspection channel is also covered by a lead rubber curtain, which can reduce the radiation dose on the outer surface of the security inspection device by about two orders of magnitude.
Airport security X-ray full-body scanners use backscatter X-ray detection technology, which uses low-energy X-rays, which can only enter human skin tissues by a few millimeters. Because the energy and intensity of X-rays used by whole-body scanners are low, the radiation dose received during a whole-body security check is about one-thousandth of that of an X-ray film, and the impact is relatively small.
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