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The difference between tablet gastrointestinal machine and digital gastrointestinal machine

Recently, customers often consult our gastrointestinal machines. Our company sells digital gastrointestinal machines, which are more effective than flat gastrointestinal machines.
The image quality is better. The flat gastrointestinal machine design has a relatively large signal loss, and the image quality is often lower. However, the design of the entire image chain of the digital gastrointestinal machine and the matching between different imaging units are very demanding, so the image definition obtained by imaging equipment such as monitors or films is higher.
The spatial resolution of the digital gastrointestinal machine under fluoroscopy is between 6lp/cm-20lp/cm, and its spatial resolution is higher than that of the flat gastrointestinal machine. The image grayscale digital gastrointestinal machine adopts CCD, its bit is larger, and the detection rate of subtle lesions is higher. The camera tube of the flat gastrointestinal machine adopts a vacuum design, and the image clarity will decrease as the vacuum degree decreases.
The digital function is updated, and the digital design covers many aspects of the digital gastrointestinal machine-image chain, high-pressure system, operating table and image processing system, etc. The network function is more complete. The digital gastrointestinal machine adds a work list to the tablet gastrointestinal machine, which enables the direct communication of patient information through the network, and makes the diagnosis work more complete. Interested friends are welcome to inquire.


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