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Advantages of veterinary X-ray machine

The customer of the veterinary hospital saw the production situation of the veterinary X-ray machine on our company’s official website, and wanted to know the advantages of the veterinary X-ray machine. I asked the client which animal inspections are mainly carried out. If the customer said that there are big or small, please inform the customer that if it is 50mA, it can still be used for some small animals, but for some large animals, due to their large size and small dose, they may not be able to penetrate, resulting in the image not being very clear, and The 500mA veterinary X-ray machine is different. Because the dose is relatively large, large and small animals can be used. It is recommended that customers purchase 500mA. Let’s introduce the advantages of veterinary X-ray machines to customers.
1. This veterinary X-ray machine has accurate positioning and reliable performance, and is suitable for general photography. Using a bridge rectifier combined with an X-ray generator can improve the quality of photography.
2. The imported filter plate is used to make the image clearer, which is especially suitable for shooting the rear of animals.
3. Configure the filament voltage regulator circuit to make the parameters more stable.

veterinary X-ray machine

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