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customer called our company about x ray machine

Today, a customer called our company to ask about the X-ray machine. The customer asked us if we are an X-ray machine maker. The answer was yes. Our company has 20 years of experience in X-ray machine making, including medical, veterinary and industrial. Then he asked the name and industry of the customer company. After some understanding, he introduced the relevant content of X-ray machine to the customer.

First of all, X-ray machine has the function of penetration. Because the wavelength of X-ray is very short and the photon energy is very large, it can spread through the atomic space of matter. The degree of X-ray penetration is related to the nature and structure of the material. Low atomic number elements and weak X-ray absorption, high X-ray penetration rate, high atomic number of ordinary X-ray absorption materials is stronger, so the X-ray passing rate is low. According to the absorption degree of the material, the penetrability of the material can be roughly divided into three categories: high, medium and low. The newheek X-ray machine performs well in all aspects.

Some substances, such as phosphorus and iodide, such as lead, zinc sulfide and X-ray machine, can produce ionization and excited states. When the excited state atoms release the spectrum between visible light and ultraviolet fluorescence, the visible light will be changed into visible light. The X-ray fluorescence screen is made of this phenomenon called fluorescence. The fluorescent screen is usually made of a special layer of fluorescent material cardboard. When X-ray passes through the object on the screen, due to the different intensity of X-ray absorbed by different materials, the internal structure of the object with clear image appears on the screen of X-ray machine when different intensity of fluorescence is screened out.

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