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Double column X-ray machine for shooting the whole body

China Net Finance May 13 News According to the website of the State Administration for Market Supervision, recently, some media reported that the mother and infant store in Aiyingfang, Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province sold a solid beverage as a special medical food to children with milk allergy Promote special functions, suspected of consumer fraud. The General Administration of Market Supervision attaches great importance to it and instructs the market supervision department of Hunan Province to conduct a thorough investigation on the merchants involved, punish severely and severely in accordance with the law, and announce the investigation results to the society in a timely manner.

Solid beverages are ordinary foods, not infant formula milk powder, nor are they special medical formula foods, and their protein and nutrient contents are much lower than infant formula milk powder and special medical formula foods.

According to the Food Safety Law, infant formula milk powder and formula foods for special medical purposes are special foods. Strict registration management and factory batch inspection are implemented in China, and the quality and safety are guaranteed. Consumers should pay attention to the label and choose appropriate products when purchasing infant food.

Today, a Guizhou customer consulted the double-column X-ray machine, which was purchased directly by a private hospital. Except for the other parts of the head, I wanted to take the film. The head is mainly taken with CT. As long as it is out of the warehouse, the price includes shipping and on-site installation. Our company inspected, can our factory be reimbursed? The price is very low and the cost needs to be paid by yourself. Furthermore, our warranty period is one year. After one year, we need to charge the cost of spare parts and home repairs. The customer asked whether the double-click column and U-arm can automatically track and adjust? Is it automatic to print reports and output X-rays? With automatic tracking function, the software program can be connected to the printer to print directly. It is still necessary for the doctor to make a diagnosis for the diagnosis result report. The customer said to negotiate and then contact me.


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