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Development of nondestructive testing

Recently, many customers have come to ask about NDT equipment. They don’t know much about NDT technology, so what is NDT?

First of all, we need to know that NDT technology has gone through three stages of development:

1 non destructive testing

2 NDT: Nondestructive Testing

3 NDE: Nondestructive Evaluation

In the past, we can only see the current size and location when testing, in which the non-destructive evaluation can judge how to develop and what kind of image in the future through technology. At present, it is generally referred to as non-destructive testing rather than the second stage.

NDT: as the primary stage of NDT, it is characterized by simple technology and tasks. In terms of technical means, there are not many options, mainly using ultrasound, ray and other technologies. In the task, it is mainly to detect whether there is a defect or a field in the test piece, and find the defect in the part or component without damaging the product. The detection conclusion is mainly divided into two kinds of non-destructive detection technologies: defective and non defective

Non destructive testing: it is not only to detect whether the test piece contains defects, but also to detect some position information of the test piece, including the structure, nature and position of the defects, trying to acquire more information through testing. For the developed industrial countries in the world, this stage started roughly in the late 1970s or early 1980s

Non destructive evaluation: Although the second stage of non-destructive testing technology has been able to meet the needs of most industrial products production, but with the continuous improvement of the quality requirements of materials, components, etc., especially for the safety and economic needs of in-service equipment become more and more prominent



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