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Daily care and precautions of C-arm X-ray machine

We must pay attention to daily use and protection when using any medical equipment. Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the care of the C-arm X-ray machine. How should the X-ray machine be taken care of.
The C-arm X-ray machine is used in conjunction with the operation in order not to affect the progress of the operation and prevent excessive radiation exposure. According to different operations, the surgical position is placed in advance to fully expose the surgical field, and the C-arm X-ray machine is pushed to the side of the operating bed for use. Nursing staff should learn and master the simple operation methods of the C-arm X-ray machine, and cooperate with radiological technicians to meet the needs of intraoperative imaging examinations. The use of the C-arm X-ray machine must comply with the principle of aseptic operation, and the application of radiation guidance during surgery must keep the machine clean. When using a C-arm X-ray machine, both ends are protected by a disposable C-arm X-ray machine sterile cover to prevent contamination of the surgical field or surgical gown. Radiological technicians and surgical personnel must observe the principle of sterility. Nursing staff must not only perform aseptic operations, but also supervise other personnel participating in the operation, and deal with it in time if there is contamination.
The cleaning of the C-arm X-ray machine should be done by a dedicated person. Routine cleaning and disinfection every morning, wipe the console, sports equipment and other countertops. When blood or body fluids are contaminated, wipe with a disinfectant containing scratches, and finally irradiate with ultraviolet light for 1 hour. The C-arm X-ray machine is best to fix the operating room for routine cleaning and wiping after the operation. If you move from one operating room to another, it must be cleaned and disinfected again.
Nursing staff who are exposed to radiation in the operating room should be reasonably arranged to minimize the radiation dose of each staff. Nursing staff who are sensitive to radiation and who are not suitable for radiation exposure should avoid exposure to radiation or exchange jobs. Otherwise it may cause radiation damage.

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