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The zoo consults the veterinary X-ray machine to film the animals

An enquiry from a zoo to consult a veterinary X-ray machine. When it comes to the zoo, I believe everyone should have been there. There are animals of different breeds, large and small, animals from all over the world and different regions, because they grow in different categories. The environment it bears is also different. Sichuan has a humid subtropical climate. This climate is not suitable for all animals in the zoo. Therefore, animals often get sick for different reasons. Therefore, customers who want to buy a veterinary X-ray machine can do The animals in the zoo are diagnosed, because the animals in the zoo are generally nationally protected animals and some are also endangered, such as the giant panda that we all know. Such a nationally protected animal should take care of its body in every possible way. It is not human beings who can speak, so we cannot understand its disease through words. Veterinary X-ray machines can completely help veterinarians diagnose the disease directly to the focus of the disease.
The veterinary X-ray machine can take pictures for different types of animals of different sizes. It can take pictures of the animal’s head, chest, abdomen, and limbs. The animal’s condition can be understood through X-rays. The following is our company For the specific introduction of the veterinary X-ray machine produced and sold, if you have any friends in need, please call for consultation.
1. The veterinary X-ray machine has accurate positioning and reliable performance, which can be adapted to general photography. Using a bridge rectifier combined X-ray generator can improve the quality of photography.
2. Imported filter board is used to make the image clearer, which is especially suitable for shooting the rear part of the animal.
3. Designed specifically for shooting animals, the operation is more convenient and simple.


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