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Description of veterinary x ray machine

The veterinary x ray machine produced and sold by Newheek can be perfectly combined with digital DR to form a digital imaging system with faster imaging speed, faster and more effective diagnosis, and provide high-quality diagnostic images.
The principle of a veterinary x ray machine is the same as that of a human X-ray machine. When X-rays are generated, ionizing radiation is generated. The difference is that the radiation dose of the human X-ray machine is large, and a separate lead room needs to be made to block the rays; however, the radiation dose of the X-ray machine for animal photography inspection is very small, and there is usually no need to configure the camera. room.
Newheek veterinary x ray machine is divided into many types, which can be used in pet hospitals, pet clinics and other pet medical institutions to meet the requirements of radiographic examination of different body parts of pets. Moreover, our high-frequency veterinary X-ray machine has fast imaging speed and higher work efficiency. It does not need to be washed film, and it is directly computerized in real time. Equipped with a film bed, which can float in four directions, front, back, left, and right. Electromagnetic braking makes positioning more convenient and accurate.
Our veterinary x ray machine can meet your different needs. If you are interested in this veterinary x ray machine, please call to discuss!


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