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What should be paid attention to when purchasing ray x machine?

With the development of medicine in recent years, the ray x machine has become a hot product, so what should be paid attention to when purchasing?
First, focus on functionality rather than price. First determine what function you want to achieve, whether to shoot limbs, chest and lungs, lumbar spine, or even pets? The X-ray dose required for different parts is different, and there will be differences when choosing a machine. ray x machine currently on the market usually have 3.5KW, 5KW, 20KW, 32KW and 50KW. For Newheek, there are three types of bedside machines: 3.5KW, 5KW and 32KW. Among them, 3.5KW and 5KW are suitable for shooting limbs or small animals. 5KW is also suitable for preliminary diagnosis of chest radiograph. The maximum current of the 32KW machine can reach 400ma, which can take pictures of the whole body.
For customers who want to photograph the lumbar spine, it is best to choose a machine above 30KW, because a machine that is too small will become very tasteless if it is not clear. In terms of price, the smaller the dose, the cheaper, the larger the more expensive. Therefore, focus on function rather than price.
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Author: Lillian

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