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Digital radiography x-ray machine for power cable accessories industry

Special digital radiography x-ray machine for power cable accessories industry, Shenzhen* Co., Ltd. is a professional company that develops and produces rubber molds, silicone rubber molds, and power cable accessories cold shrink molds. This company ensures that the quality of each product can meet the standard Therefore, it is sold at home and abroad, and it is decided to introduce our company’s industrial dedicated digital radiography x-ray machine. In order to allow customers to fully recognize our equipment, we recommend that customers send samples by mail. Our company will do a free test and send the renderings to the customers. If the customer recognizes the quality of our products, we will discuss specific cooperation matters.
The customer’s digital radiography x-ray machine is mainly used to inspect the internal structure of the product and check for bubbles, cracks, impurities, etc. For the test renderings, customers are quite satisfied. Decided to buy our digital radiography x-ray machine. According to the data provided by the customer, such as the height of the product, our company specially customized the product test bench for it.
The majority of industrial inspection customers, if you have similar products that need to be inspected, you are not prevented from choosing our industrial-specific digital stereoscopic X-ray machine.

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