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Small clinics X-ray machine for 50MA X-ray machine or 100MA X-ray machine

Recently, many small clinics have inquired about X-ray machines, most of them inquired about 30MA X-ray machine, 50MA X-ray machine or 100MA. Are these small dose X-ray machines suitable for human use? With the continuous development of society, these small dose X-ray machines of 30MA, 50MA or 100MA have been widely adapted to the pet market through upgrading and transformation.

The parameters of the 50MA X-ray machine are introduced as follows:

Serial number product name requirement specification

1 Power supply conditions Three-phase AC 380V±22V power supply capacity ≥30KVA

2 High pressure

Generator high frequency and high voltage generator: maximum output power 50KW

Photography tube voltage adjustment range: 40-150K

Camera tube current adjustment range: 16-630mA

Exposure time: 0.005-6.4S

3 X-ray tube assembly High-frequency independent head, non-combined head, can be used continuously for a long time. Tube anode heat capacity≥200KHU

As human beings have become more and more strict with medical standards, this small-dose X-ray machine is gradually being eliminated. Therefore, small-dose X-ray machines such as 30MA, 50MA or 100MA belong to pets, and most of the X-ray machines used by humans are 500MA. So in the future, there will be small clinics asking about low-dose X-ray machines, and we can tell customers the truth.

Users of various clinics, if you see here, I believe you know how to choose the dose size. If you have any questions, please call us. Today’s sharing is here first. In addition, our company specializes in the production of various vertical and mobile bucky stand film racks, various types of X-ray machine parts, please call to discuss!

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