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How to protect the c-arm X-ray machine from radiation

Since the radiation hazards of X-rays have been confirmed, and the sensitivity of different parts of the human body to radiation is not exactly the same, a foreign institution has carried out an experimental study of a C-arm X-ray machine, hoping to make a test for doctors through measurement. Radiation guide.
In addition to the familiar rule that the closer the distance, the stronger the scattered radiation, the doctor’s chest is most susceptible to scattered radiation, and the exposure of the eyes and thyroid is related to the working state of the c-arm x-ray machine. If the surgeon wears a thyroid shield during surgery, the exposure to scattered radiation can be greatly reduced. Doctors should try to avoid direct radiation during surgery, because the intensity of direct radiation is about 20 times that of scattered radiation.
On the basis of summarizing the measurement data, the agency gave doctors 4 suggestions:
1. When using the C-arm X-ray machine during surgery, the farther away from the patient, the better;
2. Stand on the opposite side of the tube when taking pictures with the C-arm X-ray machine horizontally;
3. Try to perfect protective measures, such as wearing a coat, thyroid mask, goggles, etc.;
4. If there are not enough protective measures, do not look at the patient at the moment the tube is exposed;
The C-arm X-ray machine produced by our Newheek has a very good protection function.
1. Microcomputer control, LCD display, easy operation.
2. The newly designed high-frequency and high-voltage generator reduces the radiation dose and effectively protects patients and doctors.
3. Simple and convenient body position display, automatically set the exposure parameters according to the selected patient’s body shape.
4. Using digital flat panel detector, stable performance, greatly reducing X-ray dose

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