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Moldova inquires about veterinary X-ray machines

Today the company mailbox received an e-mail, Moldova inquired about veterinary X-ray machines. The client is a medical device company, and their main markets are Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Seeing the huge demand in the medical equipment market. As official representatives of various manufacturers, they are able to meet any customer needs in the medical and laboratory equipment fields. They also cooperate with high-level companies around the world to continuously expand their capabilities. They are interested in our Newheek veterinary X-ray machine products and want to know more about it. They want us to provide a more accurate catalog or manual about veterinary X-ray machines and their prices.
Regarding Moldova’s inquiry about veterinary X-ray machines, an email has been sent to customers asking users what kind of animals are mainly used for veterinary X-ray machines? What is their weight? Are there any requirements for the parameter configuration of veterinary X-ray machines? Send me the specific needs of the user, and I will help you recommend a suitable veterinary X-ray machine. The product information of our company has been sent to the customer.

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