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Portable X-ray machine for bidding

When the customer saw the portable X-ray machine advertised by our company on our website, he called for consultation. The customer said that he was ready to bid for a project.
We asked the customer to come to the technical parameter file, and after careful verification, we replied to the customer that we have a portable X-ray machine that meets the parameters, and sent the picture as follows. However, we cannot meet the on-site installation, commissioning, training and other services required by the documents. We explained to our customers that this portable X-ray machine will be packaged and shipped after commissioning. It can be used without installation and commissioning on site. We have training videos and operating instructions, which can be sent to customers for reference. If there is still something we don’t understand, we can also provide online guidance for engineers. The client said this was required in the bidding documents, and they still need to implement it.

portable X-ray machine

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