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Our industrial frequency veterinary X-ray machine

The industrial frequency veterinary X-ray machine is a digital X-ray examination professionally used for pet X-ray photography. The image is reconstructed by a computer and a series of image post-processing is performed. It is a must-purchased equipment for high-end pet hospitals. X-ray imaging of the site helps the pet doctor to make timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment.
The five main components of the industrial frequency veterinary X-ray machine: (1) Digital X-ray detector, which can convert X-rays passing through the human body or pet body into digital images; (2) High-voltage generator, which can emit X-rays The tube provides the required ultra-high voltage electric energy; (3) The tube can convert the ultra-high voltage electric energy of the high-voltage generator into X-rays; (4) The rack, which can be used for the examination bed, digital X-ray detection A device that connects the device and the tube to work together;
Features of industrial frequency veterinary X-ray machine:
1. The machine is accurate in positioning, reliable in performance, and suitable for general photography. Using a bridge rectifier combined X-ray generator can improve the quality of photography.
2. Imported filter board is used to make the image clearer, which is especially suitable for shooting the rear part of the animal.
3. Specially designed for shooting animals, the operation is more convenient and simple.
The main technical parameters of pet X-ray machine:
Power condition and operation mode
Power supply voltage: AC 220V±22V;
Power frequency: 50Hz±0.5Hz;
Power capacity: ≥8KVA;
The maximum allowable internal resistance of the power supply: 1Ω
Operation mode: intermittent loading and continuous operation
The above is the information of the industrial frequency veterinary X-ray machine. If necessary, please contact us!

frequency veterinary X-ray machine

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