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The difference between Dr and c-arm X-ray machine

It is also a device that uses X-ray imaging. What is the difference between a dr and a c-arm X-ray machine? Let’s explain about the appearance and function.
DR is digital imaging, which is used in radiology. The main components are X light source, DR detector and computer. After filming, the results can be seen on the computer screen immediately. At the same time, the contrast brightness and size can be adjusted, and the film can be connected to the film processor to wash out the film, or you can see the film directly on the computer, which is very convenient. With the development of medical technology, there are now fixed DR and mobile DR.
The c-arm X-ray machine can be moved. There is a half-ring image head in the shape of a letter “C”, which can be flexibly rotated in multiple directions. It is mainly used in the operating room, and also used in some intervention rooms. It can be imaged on the monitor immediately. See the results and guide the operation. The external printer can also print out the film.
What kind of Dr and c-arm X-ray machine the user chooses depends on the application.

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