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Veterinary DR and veterinary X-ray machine

Many customers call to inquire about veterinary DR and veterinary X-ray machines. What are the similarities and differences between them? We can analyze from several dimensions.
The similarity between veterinary X-ray machines and veterinary DR is that they are both X-ray inspection equipment used in veterinary medical diagnosis. They both use the physical penetrating effect of X-rays to perform X-ray inspections on the internal tissues of animals. So as to quickly diagnose the disease and give timely treatment.
The difference between the veterinary analog X-ray machine and the veterinary DR is that the image cannot be displayed directly on the screen after the film is taken by the analog X-ray machine. It can only be displayed after the film is washed, developed and fixed. The time interval from shooting to filming is relatively long.
The veterinary DR is a digital high-frequency intelligent X-ray machine, which uses a digital flat-panel detector to directly replace the function of the film. It can be displayed on the computer monitor within a few seconds after the shooting, and can perform various post-production images. Treatment, this advantage greatly saves the doctor’s diagnosis time.
Secondly, from the perspective of image quality effects, the veterinary analog X-ray machine is also different from the veterinary DR. The image of the veterinary analog X-ray machine through film is blurred, and the imaging effect of the veterinary DR is clearer and easier to diagnose.
Finally, the radiation of veterinary DR is low, and the radiation of X-ray machine is large, which causes great harm to the human body. In particular, most veterinarians operate at close range. Therefore, animal hospitals now favor veterinary DR and gradually phase out traditional analog X-ray machines.
Is everyone clear about veterinary DR and X-ray machines?

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Author: Lillian

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