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C-arm X-ray machine for export

The customer consulted the C-arm X-ray machine for export. The customer first sends a copy of product parameters and asks whether our products comply with it? I made a comparison. What the customer needs is a 3.5KW C-arm X-ray machine. The product parameters of our C-arm X-ray machine can fully meet the needs of customers. Then, I sent the customer the product brochure and parameters of our C-arm X-ray machine. The customer compared it and said that what they need is this product.
Then, the customer asked about the price, package size and delivery time, etc., and I answered them one by one. The customer said that they would discuss the purchasing method, whether to purchase in one batch or in batches, and then give me a reply.
The picture of the C-arm X-ray machine is as follows:


Author: Lillian

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