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Which diseases of animals are diagnosed by veterinary X-ray machine?

With the popularity of X-rays, X-ray machines are used in more and more fields. Among them, veterinary X-ray machine inspection has become one of the routine inspection items for pet inspection. So, what diseases does the veterinary X-ray machine diagnose in animals?
Because the veterinary X-ray machine is through imaging, it has a better effect on the inspection of bone iliac gas, so it is often used for the inspection of the following diseases:
1. Fracture bone density detection
2. Lung disease bronchitis pneumonia
3. Foreign bodies in the gastrointestinal tract
4. Assessment of heart size
Examination of the fetus over 55 days of age at 5 days (prematurely harmful to the fetus)
6 stones
You can choose whether to use a veterinary X-ray machine for diagnosis according to the specific situation of the pet, so that the pet can get timely and thorough treatment.

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