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What are the advantages of digital DR compared with ordinary X-ray machines?

Digital X-ray photography, also known as (DR), is an advanced X-ray photography technology formed by combining computer digital image processing technology with X-ray radiation technology. Based on the direct film imaging of the original diagnostic X-ray machine, it performs real-time image digital processing through A/D conversion and D/A conversion, thereby digitizing the image. Its advantages are as follows:
1. Because DR uses digital technology, it has a wide dynamic range and a wide exposure latitude, which allows for technical errors in photography. Even in some parts where exposure conditions are difficult to control, good images can be obtained.
2. Its most prominent advantage is high resolution and clear and delicate images. Doctors can perform various image post-processing such as digital subtraction as needed in order to obtain ideal diagnostic results.
3. After exposure, the device can display digital images in real time, and then through a series of image post-processing functions, rich and reliable clinical diagnostic information can be extracted, especially for the detection of early lesions, which can provide good diagnostic conditions.
4. The digital image formed by the digital X-ray machine requires less X-ray dose than traditional film imaging, so it can obtain high-definition images with a lower X-ray dose and also reduce the patient’s exposure to X-ray radiation. To avoid harm, clinicians and radiologists try to use X-rays instead of fluoroscopy for diagnosis.
5. Because it changes the traditional film photography method in the past, it can be replaced by computer-based film-free file management methods. It provides great convenience for hospitals to conduct remote expert consultation and online communication.
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