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What medical equipment does a pet hospital need?

The medical equipment required by a pet hospital depends on the size of the hospital and the scope of services provided. The following are some common pet hospital medical equipment:
1. Digital X-ray machine: used for imaging examination of bones, chest and other parts of pets.
2. B-ultrasound machine: used for ultrasonic diagnosis of pets’ abdomen and pelvis.
3. Anesthesia machine: used to provide anesthetic drugs and monitor vital signs during pet surgery.
4. Hematology analyzer: used for blood chemistry analysis and blood cell counting of pets.
5. Electrocardiograph: used to record and analyze the electrical activity of the heart of pets.
6. Ophthalmic equipment: such as fundus cameras, cornea meters, etc., used for diagnosis and treatment of pet eye diseases.
7. Dental equipment: such as ultrasonic dental scalers, dental radiographs, etc., used for the diagnosis and treatment of pet oral diseases.
8. Injection pump and infusion pump: used for infusion and drug injection to pets.
9. Microbial incubator and blood culture machine: used for pathogen detection and culture of pet infectious diseases.
10. Operating table and operating light: used for pet surgeries and surgical procedures.
11. Thermometer and blood pressure meter: used to measure the temperature and blood pressure of pets.
12. Beds and monitoring equipment: Provide places and equipment for pets to be hospitalized and monitored.
The above are just some common examples of pet hospital medical equipment. In fact, depending on the characteristics and needs of the pet hospital, there may be other types of equipment, such as laser therapy devices, oxygen machines, etc. It is important to select the appropriate equipment to provide high-quality pet medical services based on the needs of the hospital and the scope of pet medical services.
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